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Dark Souls Remastered is out and during its launch weekend had over 20,000 people on Steam playing at once. It is a great time for people who enjoy the interactivity that Dark Souls online can bring. Players who have spent hundreds of hours in the original release can do things to help out new players, and there are even things new players can do that affect other players in ways the game never tells you.

Here are some good things you can do for other people in Dark Souls Remastered, and most apply to all the Souls games (that still have servers.)


1. Play Online

Put down your summon sign. Invade even though you don’t know what you are doing (Darkmoon covenant is quickest way to free invading if you look up how to join that.) You cannot add to another player’s experience unless you are playing with them. If you don’t want to, then don’t, but the system can work very effectively.

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2. Give People Things 

Give Humanity
We are all here to have a good time and humanity is the sauce that lets it all flow. Whether they summoned you, you invaded them, or anything in-between, once you are accumulating more humanity than you know what to do with, share the wealth, then get down to business.


Give Titanite
If you can tell what their weapon needs, give them that, but that can be hard to tell. Otherwise Large or Twinkling are readily purchasable once you are at the free-flowing stage of the game, so why not throw one or two down occasionally. With the right ring, chunks can be farmed in Anor Londo, and that means you can really shock some people in Blighttown if you kept your level low enough to interact there (around 40 should still be fine.) Just give away anything you don’t need. I like titanite giveaways more than upgraded weapons, because people are usually using the weapons that have move-sets they enjoy and have been investing their stats around. If you give them a white titanite chunk and they don’t need it, maybe they will pass it on again (or even better just drop it, see “Vagrants” below.)

Give Items
Have souls to burn from all this online play? Give a visit to one of your friendly undead merchants so you can pass out random goodies to your friends and foes. Give someone blooming purple moss at the entrance of Blighttown. Pine Resins are another nice thing that advanced players can accumulate and toss away. Or Green Blossoms. All of these are easily purchasable if you know who to talk to. As are dung pies.


Give Weapons/Armor
Spend a lot of time and souls upgrading something no one may ever use. Isn’t it about the journey anyway? Or don’t.

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3. Seed Vagrants

There are two types of vagrants, which only exist in the first Dark Souls, and most players have never seen either. They are little crabs that have the visual effect of a summon or invader, and you put them out there to blow people’s minds. Their existence and completely behind the scenes nature are one of my favorite unique things about the original Dark Souls. The two types are generated from either: specific items dropped and lost (good vagrant,) or bloodstains with 5 or more humanity (bad vagrant.)


Some mostly useless items that you may accumulate can be to used to seed the good vagrants, such as sunlight medals, souvenir of reprisals, coins, rubbish, or the pendant. Even a new player can usually afford to throw those away anywhere that multiplayer is active to start the process that leads to a good vagrant. Players with way more hours can sacrifice other rarer items that they know aren’t for their builds, like certain rings, or various color titanite chunks, or buy 100 transient curses and seed every area for the rest of the game. Before it becomes a vagrant, the item will travel to other people’s games, and if it is not picked up and kept, a friendly crab shaped piñata will eventually appear in some lucky stranger’s game.

Bad vagrants take a much larger investment to seed, which is why people with the means need to do it. Any time you reach 5 soft humanity, die twice to lose your bloodstain. Humanity is scarce and precious until it isn’t, and when you reach the point where you will always have humanity when you need it, start seeding bad vagrants. Shock people, and make them google “dark souls red crab.” I have yet to see one in Remastered, but I have hopefully started the seed of a few.


Here is a video explaining them from an expert:

Thanks Illusory Wall

4. Goof Around Sometimes

You don’t have to try to overpower someone in PVP. Make up your own mini-games. See how long you can run away while you wave skulls around. Toss dung pies. There are thousands of ways to play the game. Be creative.


5. Don’t use the “Well what is it,” “shrug,” or “point down” gestures after a fight

I get that children play this game, but good lord... (if something wacky happens to end a fight, then a good “shrug” can be appropriate.)


Those are some ideas to make the online Dark Souls experience better for everyone. Bring balance to the madness that is out there, by adding a bit of your own. Heh heh heh.

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