I Was Thinking About Mitochondria

A god was swallowed by a whale. The whale was special and never needed to defecate, growing in proportion to what it ate. The god was too powerful to digest, and remained mad inside. It would cause the whale great pain unless the whale ate things which could keep the god occupied. The god built a world inside the whale and stopped causing the whale pain, even taking some things into the new world that would otherwise have caused pain to the whale. One day the god met another whale floating in the world’s seas. The new whale said that it couldn’t stay inside the larger whale and would be leaving soon. The god had an idea and cut off an arm, and fed it to the whale. “This arm will grow inside you and protect you if you give it the resources to build its own world. Take it out of this large whale, for it is the closest I will ever come to escaping.” The smaller whale thanked the god, and asked who’s arm the larger whale had eaten. The answer the whale received is unknown.


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