TAY Theme Week: Never Enough Time

I grew up along with the home gaming era, but the important point in my childhood I want to address is not video game related. When I was young, I realized I could never read all the books I would want to read. This was one of those “picturing the universe” kind of moments when you realize your terrifying insignificance in the sum of existence.


Later on (maybe a day later, maybe years, time span not important,) I made the same connection with movies, games, and TV. The comfort I was able to give myself was in accepting that I will miss things, and just enjoy what I am lucky enough to have time for.

What has struck me in my adulthood is now I realize the same holds double true for people. Not only do I not have time for people I want to spend time with, other people need to have time to spend with me (that is even assuming they match my desire to spend time together.)


I am not terribly upset about this, and I am sure it has been rattling around in the background of my mind for some time so it probably isn’t truly “new” information, but it is generally striking and comes to the forefront of my mind in many situations. One of those situations being when I consider a summer games drought. That is because I am past it and it doesn’t mean anything to me. I already don’t have the time. That is my constant state of awareness.

This summer I will play some games, probably no new releases, and probably only ones I have played already. If there are no new games I would enjoy, it doesn’t matter. Even if a slew of great new games was on the way I still wouldn’t have time for the games I know I would enjoy, and the likely reality is that I would miss being aware of games I would enjoy even more.


And that is fine.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.

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